What is online supervision and is it for me?

Many counsellors and supervisors are now working online, using webcam, text messaging or email as a way of communicating with the people they work with. It is generally recommended (BACP and ACTO) that counsellors and therapists working online should receive some of their supervision using the same medium, ie online supervision. We can work using the same medium you are using with the people you provide counselling or supervision to, which can help you to gain further insight into your online work.  This could be using a webcam, instant messaging or email. If you work in person (face to face) as a counsellor/ therapist, you may prefer to work using webcam though using instant messaging or email supervision can provide additional insights to your work. You may also find that working online with a supervisor is more convenient.

Having originally trained as a supervisor between 1993-1995, I completed an online supervision course through approved provider OCST in 2016 and gained a diploma in online counselling supervision in 2020. Since that time, I have provided online supervision to individuals and groups; this has included counsellors/ therapists who work online and those who work in person (face to face).

Online supervision is recognised as an equally valuable medium as ‘in person’ supervision. For those counsellors and therapist working online themselves, I provide the experience and skill of a supervisor familiar with working online, as well as having more than 20 years experience as an ‘in person’ supervisor.

As well as providing the knowledge and skills relevant to online work, by providing online supervision I can offer supervision that is:

ACCESSIBLE: whether you require access as a disabled person, or for your own convenience, and provided you have a private and secure place in which to meet with me online, online supervision is a highly accessible way in which to ‘meet’ and communicate for supervision. Online supervision can happen from the place you choose, at home, or when you’re away. You can make it work to accommodate work, children and family demands, or other commitments without having to add travel time.

AFFORDABLE: since neither of us has to travel to meet for supervision, you don’t have travel costs on top of supervision. Provided we both have access to a confidential and secure place in which to meet/ communicate, have a PC or other suitable device and internet access, I can provide online supervision.

APPROPRIATE: having completed an online counselling course and an online supervision course, I am aware of the specific issues that may arise in online work and provide a professional and appropriate online supervision service.

If you would like to contact me regarding online supervision, please email me at:

My working days/ times are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 8.30am and 5pm.

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