What issues can online counselling help with?

Counselling can support people with a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression, to problems in relationships, to problems arising from childhood. Sometimes, or for some people, counselling isn’t helpful. This may be because it is not the right time, or other types of help and support may be better, or it just doesn’t suit some people.

In terms of online counselling, some people may feel less anxious and inhibited when talking online to a counsellor, whilst others may prefer to meet someone in person. This is a personal choice and one for each individual to decide. Online counselling can provide support with the same range of issues as face to face counselling.

I only provide online counselling, so if you are looking for in person (face to face) counselling you may be able to find a counsellor in your area through the BACP website, or the Counselling Directory

As described in About me I have areas of ‘specialism’ as well as many years experience as a counsellor/ therapist in different settings. If you think you would like me to be your online counsellor, please contact me via email:

I currently have 2 spaces for online counselling. My working days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 8.30am and 5pm.

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